Online WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits

Online WSET® Level 1 Award in Spirits

Discover the key spirit styles at your own pace.

Wherever and whenever, take the time for an introduction to spirits and learn about the nature behind every drop.
Would you like to know more about the world’s distilled beverages and decipher the labels of the different categories? This beginner-level spirits course, designed for new industry professionals and enthusiasts, offers a simple and practical approach to the world of spirits.
You will gain knowledge of the key styles and categories, their characteristics, and the fundamentals of proper storage and service of spirits.

The Online WSET® Level 1 Award in Spirits is divided into five modules five delivered entirely through a 4-week. e-learning platform access. An educator monitors the learners’ progress throughout the study programme. Modules must entirely through weeks. for better understanding, but 12 students can complete them at their own pace during the course duration. An estimated 12-hour study time is required, plus the necessary revision time before the examination. Regular access to and active participation in online activities are essential for this learning mode.

Accessibility of training to people with disabilities. Contact our disability advisor on 05 57 71 75 61 or by email in order to study together the necessary arrangements.


Here are the different stages of the online WSET® Level 1 Award in Spirits, from course registration to certificate validation.

I validate my registration with the support of the WiSP team.

I receive my access codes to connect to the e-learning platform.

I have unlimited access to the online study modules and progress at my own pace. I have unlimited access to the e-learning platform and can manage my progress at my own pace over the 4-week course duration (recommended study time: 3 hours/week).

This qualification is delivered as a group training session. As such, an educator monitors my progress and facilitates the group session. I ask all my questions in the forum to fully understand all the concepts covered in the modules.

The exam takes place online on the date I chose at registration. It consists of a multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ) with 30 questions to be completed within 45 minutes.

Six weeks after the exam, I will receive my results by e-mail. If I successfully pass my exam, I will receive my WSET® certificate and lapel pin by post.

Who can benefit from the online WSET® Level 1 Award in Spirits?

Spirits enthusiasts who wish to know everything there is to know.


Entrepreneurs, wine merchants and professionals of the international spirits trade who wish to obtain highly-valued skills and a recognised qualification.

Those involved in wine and spirits tourism.

Individuals in professional transition and pursuing a spirits career.

What will you learn in this online WSET® Level 1 Award in Spirits?

Learn about the main production processes and stills commonly used in spirits production.

Four key stages of production

Know the principal categories and types of spirits and their defining characteristics.

Learn about the common equipment and principles involved in the storage and service of spirits.

How does the online course work?

You access an e-learning platform (WSET® or WiSP, depending on the language chosen), which offers e-learning modules over a defined period. The training content is mediatised and provided in various formats: text, video, and interactive activities. In addition, knowledge test questions are included throughout the modules to prepare you for the exam. Moreover, the WiSP e-learning platform offers fun and creative content specially developed by our educational team for an enriched experience. Another way to learn while covering all the modules. An application is also available on your tablet or Smartphone to study on the move, wherever, whenever. The WiSP team remains available to provide a specific revision schedule.

What are WiSP e-learning benefits?

More flexible than in-class training, you can learn at your own pace anytime.

  • Autonomous Learning Progression: Stay in control of your learning progression by studying at your own pace and convenience. Thanks to the "replay" function, you can review the content as often as needed.
  • Online Learning in Motion: You can access your content whenever and wherever. All you need is an internet connection. Course materials are available on a computer (online platform), tablet or Smartphone (application).
  • A wide variety of formats and modules available to you! A wide variety of formats and modules are available! Our online courses include a comprehensive study manual covering the course's content, collaborative activities, quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation, and tasting webinars.
  • Online Student Support: You are not alone! A dedicated WiSP team member will follow up with you throughout your training and answer your questions.
  • Same Content and Recognition: The e-learning programmes and certification exams are strictly identical to the in-class mode. Both study modes carry the same diploma recognition.
  • Dedicated Forum: Exchange with your future classmates and discover the profile and background of each one.

Online WSET® Level 1 Award in Spirits: Course Syllabus

WSET issue 2.1, 2022

List and state the purpose of the main production processes and stills commonly used in spirits production.

  • Four key stages of production
  • Types of still
  • Production processes that affect the aroma, sweetness and colour of a spirit

  • Name the raw materials for the production of distilled wine and vodka.
  • Name the key aroma characteristics of these spirits.
  • Name the key aroma characteristics of these spirits.
  • Explain the meaning of key spirits label terms. Identify the two types of stills, and explain how they work and the style of spirits they produce.
  • Introduction to spirits tasting techniques.

  • Name the raw materials for producing rum, tequila and whiskey.
  • Name the key aroma characteristics of these spirits.
  • Name the key aroma characteristics of these spirits.
  • Name the different styles of rum and explain the meaning of tequila and whiskey label terms.

  • Describe the various techniques for flavouring spirits.
  • Name the principal categories and types of aromatised spirits.
  • Explain the proper guidelines for spirits storage. Name the commonly-used ingredients to make cocktails.
  • Identify specific equipment and glassware for serving spirits.
  • State the two sets of scales used to create a balanced cocktail.

Prepare for your exam by practising with a mock multiple-choice feedback examination, which can be attempted as often as needed.

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