The quality approach of WISP CAMPUS

WiSP is Qualiopi certified in the category Training Actions

In 2021, WiSP obtained the Qualiopi certification in the Training Actions category. This national certification represents a true quality approach that rewards our daily activity as a training organization and our commitment.
This certification attests to the quality of the process implemented to develop the skills of professionals and learners.
With the expertise of our speakers from the field, innovative teaching practices, selection of the best wines and spirits, we work to offer you training that meets the needs of the sector as closely as possible.

Decrees 2019-564 and 2019-565 of June 6, 2019 set the framework for the unique National Quality Framework of France Competences – Qualiopi. It is broken down, depending on the type of action you are proposing, into: 28 indicators for training actions (L6313-1 – 1°) 22 indicators for skills assessments (L6313-1 – 2°) 24 indicators for VAE actions (validation of acquired experience) (L6313-1 – 3°) 32 indicators for apprenticeship training actions (L6313-1 – 4°).
QUALIOPI certification is issued by certifying bodies accredited or authorized by the French Accreditation Committee (Cofrac) on the basis of the national quality standard.

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(The quality certification has been issued under the following category of action) La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre de la catégorie d’action suivante : actions de formation/Training actions​.

Download the Qualiopi certificate by clicking on the logo above.​



WiSP meets the seven criteria of the national benchmark on the quality of actions contributing to skills development: QUALIOPI.

The conditions for informing the public about the services offered, the deadlines for accessing them and the results obtained.

QUALIOPI attests to the service objective settings and adaptation to the beneficiary populations when designing the services.

Adaptation to the public benefiting from the services and the methods of reception, support, monitoring and evaluation implemented.

The adequacy of the educational, technical and supervisory resources for the services implemented.

The qualification and development of the knowledge and skills of the personnel responsible for implementing the services.

The registration and investment of the service provider in its professional environment.

Collecting and taking into account the assessments and complaints made by the parties involved in the services provided.

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WiSP is committed to a process of progress to develop the accessibility of its training to individuals with disabilities.

Recognised by the Education Resource Centre for Individuals with Disabilities of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (CRFH in French), WiSP is committed to all the actors who work for inclusion in the training world. Our teams and educators support people with disabilities daily, adapting their teaching methods and scenarios for a more inclusive learning experience.
Charlotte, our disability referent, is at your disposal to anticipate the necessary arrangements for your participation in implementing our training integration policy for people with disabilities.
You can contact Charlotte Guillot directly by e-mail: to discuss your situation to find the pedagogical adjustments necessary for the success of your training. We will mobilise our partners, such as the CRFH, to help us implement the required adjustments. Our trainers are made aware of how to welcome individuals with disabilities and are committed to providing you with the most appropriate support.
With her, you will be able to discuss your situation in order to find the pedagogical adaptations necessary for the success of your training. If necessary, it will mobilize our partners such as the CRFH to help us in the implementation of these adaptations. Our trainers are made aware of how to welcome people with disabilities and are committed to providing you with the most appropriate support.
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