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7 May 2024

DIPLOMA, an exciting experience reserved for wine enthusiasts

Today we’re talking to Nathan MENOU, and his DIPLOMA adventure with WiSP. 

As I said in my introduction, the intensive Diploma course is reserved for

18 April 2024

In-company or inter-company training: how do you make the right choice?

When the time comes to choose a professional training course for your team or your employees, you are faced with a range of possibilities: long

16 April 2024

Face-to-face learning VS e-learning … what should you choose?

Today, it’s our learner Audrey STEPHANT who takes the floor and tells you about her experience with WiSP. Happy reading!

Passionate about wines and spirits,

9 April 2024

Emiliano STRATICO is now Valpolicella Educator

The WiSP team is proud to have a Valpolicella Educator among its contributors, but what exactly is it? A discussion with Emiliano Stratico, recently appointed

10 November 2023

The Rise of the Flying Winemakers

In the world of wine, a new profession has emerged, and it’s known as the “flying winemaker.” This term may raise eyebrows among those unfamiliar

25 October 2023

Oenology course, WSET course, differences

Many wine education providers offer short wine courses while referring to them as oenology education. However, there is a significant difference between the two, as

25 October 2023

The bubble odyssey

Would you like to a sparkling, a fizz, a bubble? According to an OIV report, the production of sparkling wines in the world has increased

11 October 2023

Vine’s diseases

As for humans the vine is a living being, sensitive to its environment thus exposed to external threats. Besides frost, hail and other climatic occurrences,

24 September 2023

Japan connection : the art of japanese spirits

If I ask you what do Toyota, Sony, Seiko and Nikka have in common? You answer me: Japan? And you’re right… However, behind these brands

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