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10 November 2023

The Rise of the Flying Winemakers

In the world of wine, a new profession has emerged, and it’s known as the “flying winemaker.” This term may raise eyebrows among those unfamiliar

25 October 2023

What are the differences between a oenology course and a WSET wine education?

Many wine education providers offer short wine courses while referring to them as oenology education. However, there is a significant difference between the two, as

25 October 2023

The bubble odyssey

Would you like to a sparkling, a fizz, a bubble? According to an OIV report, the production of sparkling wines in the world has increased

11 October 2023

Vine’s diseases

As for humans the vine is a living being, sensitive to its environment thus exposed to external threats. Besides frost, hail and other climatic occurrences,

24 September 2023

Japan connection : the art of japanese spirits

If I ask you what do Toyota, Sony, Seiko and Nikka have in common? You answer me: Japan? And you’re right… However, behind these brands

21 August 2023

Absinthe: the 19th century green fairy

The origin of absinthe is like Absinthe itself: quite unclear. The name absinthe seems to come from its main ingredient “grand wormwood (artemisia absinthium)”. We

2 May 2023

Maule Valley

Let me bring you to an adventure, far away, in a country that you may dream about (at least I dreamt about). I had the

28 March 2023

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Tandis que la Normandie évoque quelques batailles épiques lors de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale et des images du Mont-St-Michel, la Normandie est aussi synonyme de

7 March 2023

Jamaican rum : Bringing the Funk!!!

Let’s start with a brief history of Jamaican Rum…

First of all, to make rum you need sugar. This raw material was introduced to Jamaica

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