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11 June 2024

Everything you need to know about blended learning

Today, training methods are diversifying: face-to-face, distance learning, mobile learning, social learning and blended learning. While we are familiar with synchronous learning (in class) and

18 April 2024

In-company or inter-company training: how do you make the right choice?

When the time comes to choose a professional training course for your team or your employees, you are faced with a range of possibilities: long

16 April 2024

Face-to-face learning VS e-learning … what should you choose?

Today, it’s our learner Audrey STEPHANT who takes the floor and tells you about her experience with WiSP. Happy reading!

Passionate about wines and spirits,

9 April 2024

Emiliano STRATICO is now Valpolicella Educator

The WiSP team is proud to have a Valpolicella Educator among its contributors, but what exactly is it? A discussion with Emiliano Stratico, recently appointed

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