About WSET®

WSET® qualifications are globally recognised as the international wine and spirit knowledge standard.

TheWine & Spirit Education Trust was founded as a charitable trust in 1969 in London to serve the growing educational needs of the UK wine and spirits industry. Today, it is the world’s leading wine and spirits education institute. It offers courses and qualifications of excellence from introductory tasting to the most expert level.

WSET® qualifications are globally recognised as the international wine and spirit knowledge standard. WSET® training coursesenable learners to acquire basic to in-depth knowledge of the wine world, learn different tasting techniques, accurately describe a wine and its label and know how to serve wine and spirits with professional etiquette.

Upon graduating from a WSET® programme, you hold a certification that attests to your expertise in the area of wine and spirits, analytical tasting skills, and ability to advise customers.

WSET® qualifications are real career boosters!

WSET® has a global reach with a network of over 900+ accredited training centres working in 70 countries. More than 100,000 candidates enrol in WSET® certifications each year worldwide.

WiSP has been an accredited provider of WSET® educational programmes since 2009. We offer the WSET® qualifications from Level 1 to Level 4 (Diploma) in Wines and Level 3 in Spirits. In 2017, WiSP was shortlisted among the eight best WSET® providers in the world.

Who can benefit from the WSET® qualifications?

WSET® courses are aimed at a broad audience. For example, professionals or amateurs at the beginning of their careers, confirmed professionals, amateurs with a passion for wine and spirits or people in professional retraining. At WSET®, all levels are targeted as they all exist. If you want to work in the import-export of wines and spirits, WSETLevel qualification is THE high-valued asset on your CV. Whether you are a wine merchant, oenologist, sommelier, import/export manager, wine and spirits industry executive or an enthusiastic wine lover,** you will find the right training course to suit your existing expertise and needs.**

Achieving a WSET® certification for value-added career growth

An international recognition

A qualification accessible to all: from beginner to expert level

A unique WSETLevel Systematic Approach to Tasting®® SAT).

A theoretical knowledge of the world’s wines and spirits and a strong-tasting skill

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A booster for your career in the wine and spirits

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Eligible professional funding for your WSET® qualification

All WSET® training courses fall within the framework of continuing professional education and can be financed by a skills provider or the French Employment Agency (Pôle Emploi). Do not hesitate to contact our training coordinators, who will help you with these procedures.

A WSET® qualification level for every profile

There are four levels for wine and three for spirits, each with different learning outcomes.

WSET® Wine Qualifications

WSET® Spirits Qualifications


Discover the WSET® wine qualifications.


Discover the WSET® spirits qualifications.