How Do I Finance My WiSP Training?

WISP is a French vocational training organisation approved by several institutions overseeing continuing education financing.

WiSP team will work with you to submit your application for funding for your WSET® in Wines or WSET® in Spirits qualifications or French Wine Scholar™ certification course from the Wine Scholar Guild.

Your training may be financed by your Personal Training Account (Compte personnel de formation or CPF in French) funded by your employer, by Pôle Emploi if you are a job seeker, or by a Training Insurance Fund (FAF in French) if you are self-employed. It all depends on your status at the time of your application.

Which Funding Matches Your Profile?

Financing by Pôle Emploi

Are you a job seeker? ‎ ‎ All our training courses are registered with Pôle Emploi, and you can benefit from financing following the quote validation process from your referring agency.

Two alternatives are available: Financing by your CPF (when the training is CPF-registered) or full financing by Pôle Emploi. In this case, we invite you to contact your Pôle Emploi adviser directly.

Financing by Your Employer

The Skills Development Plan

Are you a salaried worker?
The Skills Development Plan combines all the training actions defined as part of the company’s personnel management policy. Preparing the Skills Development Plan is the full responsibility of the employer. Employees can request to follow a training course included in the company’s Skills Development Plan. The agreement is drafted per the company’s practices or contractual provisions.‎ ‎ . If the employer accepts, the employee’s departure for training is considered the standard employment contract performance. The company fully covers training fees.

Find out more about the Skills Development Plan on the following website:

Inter-Company Regional Plan for Adult Learning (OCAPIAT)

Are you employed in the wine industry?

OCAPIAT is the skills operator (OPCO) for the territories’ Agricultural Cooperation, Agriculture, Fisheries and Agri-Food Industry.

The WSET® Levels 2 and 3 Awards in Wines are listed in the OCAPIAT training catalogues for Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie regions.

For companies of less than 50 employees, a 100% course fee coverage applies without advance payment and impact on the Skills Development Plan.

Other OPCO :
There are 11 OCPOs in all in France and your company may depend on another OPCO than OCAPIAT. In order to find out about the possibilities of support for your training project or that of your employee, contact your OPCO who will provide you with the answers on the possible systems.
I consult the list of OPCOs here.

Self-Financing With Payment Facilities

You can choose to finance your training yourself.
In this case, WiSP offers payment plans.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Financing by the Training Insurance Fund (FAF)

Are you self-employed, a non-salaried employee, a company director or a liberal professional? The financing of your training depends on the Training Insurance Fund (FAF in French), to which you pay a contribution collected by the URSSAF. The State administers this contribution.

Four institutions can deliver study funding according to your activity status:

  • FIFPL (Fonds interprofessionnel de formation des professionnels libéraux) ;
  • AGEFICE (Association de gestion et du financement de la formation des chefs d’entreprise) ;
  • FAFCEA (Fonds d’assurance formation des chefs d’entreprise exerçant une activité artisanale) ;
  • VIVEA (Fonds pour la formation des entrepreneurs du vivant)

Your chartered accountant will be able to identify your professional collecting body.


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