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Our Bordeaux spirits specialist is a self-taught man with inexhaustible knowledge. However, he has been able to validate his empirical learning into recognized certifications over the years. After a first experience in visual communication and a passage through advertising, Hugo discovered tea tasting which remains another of his passions. Stimulated by this first experience, he moved from the world of tea to that of perfume, where he worked for almost ten years. His sensory curiosity will quickly lead him to spirits to which he will dedicate a lot of time to research and tasting.

It was in 2014 that Hugo finally began training as a wine and spirits sales consultant, as well as the more technical WSET courses. Since then, he has devoted himself to consulting and sales, as well as to training, both professionally and through the organization of numerous tasting/association workshops related to his unique experience (tea, perfume, spirits, cigars…). Hugo teaches according to principles that he applies to himself: approaching tasting with curiosity and humility. He considers that learning is understanding, and that it leads to free thinking.

A pure hedonist!

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