Gaspard Dutheil


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Gaspard is part of the team of experts at La Maison du Whisky, the leading distributor of premium spirits in France. In particular, he is in charge of training for partner or client professionals. His various functions in the company have led him to contribute his expertise in many ways, such as selecting barrels for the elaboration of new spirits; participating in juries; animating videos on the distributor’s You Tube channel; or delivering MasterClasses at major trade shows dedicated to the world of spirits or lectures for specialized Masters.

Gaspard has two main specialties which are whiskey and absinthe but all categories of spirits make up his daily life and his experience makes him a “cross category” expert. As of 2019 Gaspard is a WSET accredited trainer to teach the Spirits programs. A wealth of information and anecdotes for spirits lovers!

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