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WSET level 1 Award in spirits online

Formez-vous en ligne sur le vin et recevez vos échantillons directement chez vous !
Découvrez ici la plateforme WiSP et les sessions disponibles !


WSET level 1 Award in spirits online

formation spiritueux wset niveau 1 online

About this course

WSET level 1 Award in spirits online

Wherever you are, take some time for hands-on introduction to the world of spirits. This online course is ideal for those starting a career in the industry or pursuing an interest in spirits but with little time available on a daily basis.

You will be able to list the principal spirits categories, state their defining characteristics, and know the key principles involved in the storage and service of spirits.

On-line courses are available in English only. The course will be based around a 4-week, 5 modules online learning programme with educator support available for this time. The course modules should be followed in order, but students are free to complete the modules at their own pace during this 4- week window. The course material should take about 6 hours in total to complete, plus revision time. Regular access and participation in the course online activities is essential for this mode of study.

However, candidate must show at Bordeaux campus for siting the examination in-class.

*a tasting set of 10 spirits (2cl.) corresponding to the official programme can be supplied (optional). See Study Materials section.



You are active (working or unemployed) in France, and you wish to have your course financed within the framework of vocational training aid? This training can be financed through various means.

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Syllabus 2020 – 2021

Module 1: Spirits production

List and state the purpose of the main production processes and stills commonly used in the production of spirits.

  • Four key steps of spirits production
  • Types of still
  • Production processes that affect flavor, sweetness and colour


Module 2: Brandy & Vodka

  • State the raw materials used to produce brandy and vodka.
  • State the key flavour characteristics of these two spirits.
  • Identify the key production processes that can have a defining influence on the characteristics of brandy and vodka.
  • State the meaning of the key labelling terms for brandy. Identify the two types of still, state how they are used and the style of spirit they can produce.
  • An introduction to tasting spirits using language from the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT).


Module 3: Rum, Tequila, Whisk(e)y

  • State the raw materials used to produce Rum, Tequila, and Whisk(e)y.
  • State the key flavour characteristics of these three spirits.
  • Identify the key production processes that can have a defining influence on the characteristics of Rum, Tequila, and Whisk(e)y.
  • State the different styles of Rum and the labelling terms for Tequila and Whisk(e)y.


Module 4: Flavoured Spirits, Storage & Service of Spirits

  • Describe the different techniques to add flavour to spirits.
  • State the principal types of flavoured spirits.
  • Describe the correct procedures for the storage of spirits. Name the important ingredients used to make cocktails.
  • Identify the common equipment and glassware used in the service of spirits.
  • State the four factors to consider when making a balanced cocktail.

Module 5: Revision & Resources

Mock multiple-choice feedback examination which can be attempted as many times as the student likes.

Upon registration you’ll receive a 4 weeks full-time access to the online classroom. No book is needed, all the content will be studied online.

Tasting is an important part of the programme and you’re expected to source the recommended spirits yourself. However, to avoid having to buy an entire bottle of each product we propose an optional tasting set of the 9 spirits recommended in WSET Level 1 in spirits specifications, in a 2cl format.

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The pack contains the 9 different spirits samples (2cl.) needed to meet the tasting requirements for students taking WSET level 1 Awards in Spirits course (more details on the selection of spirits in the section “Recommended tasting samples” of the documents SPECIFICATIONS).

49,90€ + shipping fees (contact us).    

Candidates will have to show at our Bordeaux or Toulouse campus for siting the exam in-class.

  • Type : 30 multiple-choice questions
  • Duration : 45 minutes
  • Pass marks : 70 %
  • Resit : possibe


Entry requirements: none
Duration: 4 weeks
Spirits tasted: optional set of 6 recommended spirits (2 cl.) available




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