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In October 2021, WiSP will launch the first WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wine course in Paris. After long months of work, WiSP obtained accreditation to open its second Diploma school in France. The whole team is proud to welcome new Diploma candidates in the city of light in the coming months. The teaching team from

The Savanna distillery is located on the Reunion Island, shows with audacity and excellence that it is possible, from the same raw material, to obtain very diverse aromatic profile. From 1704 the former Bourbon Island experienced the fermentation of cane juice and its distillation. The boom in the sugar industry in the 19th century led to the

A few years ago, aboard a long-haul flight to Mumbay, after a night of fitful sleep, I struggled towards the water point. Obviously, I am not the only passenger to have had this idea, and I therefore wait in this narrow corridor. However, my gaze falls on the half-open doors of the neighboring cabins, I discover

In view with the success and strong interest of candidates for the WSET Level 4 Diploma course in Bordeaux, WiSP is organizing a new session at the end of May 2021 Registrations are officially open. The back-to-school seminar will take place from May 26th to 28th, 2021. As a reminder, Diploma at WiSP Campus includes: 25 days of courses

How can we not be charmed when the wine, in its purest expression, promises us authenticity and natural beauty? Indeed, but if the purity, the vibrancy and the delicacy of a wine without any additive can be truly tremendous when the winemaking process is well-mastered, this purity can unfortunately be denatured and overwhelmed by too many faults when the process

I am about to tell you a story, a story of Australian wine. This is a tell to read with a glass in your hand. Australia, gigantic island-continent, only ranks 10th in the world when it comes to vine surface, just behind Romania, with 146,000 ha of vines. Nevertheless, it is 6th in volume and most importantly, it masters exports